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Hi I am Baby Pomeranian, a tiny dog with a huge personality! I am here to lend a helping Pom. I may be small, but my mission is enormous. From the moment you own me, I will helping others around me!

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Let’s Fly Together?

To put it simply there have been several “doge” or doge meme coin wannabes. This coin will one day be known as the Dog of all Dogs when it comes to crypto. After all, investing in a meme coin without a purpose? That is so first quarter of 2021. Needless to say we’re not going to “doge” any of the hard questions! Babypom, with a projected smaller market cap to be put in play, is definitely something we believe that people want to hold.

With a limited supply it simply won’t be a coin you’d want to pump and dump. Dating back to 1888 England’s Queen Charlotte had a Pomeranian named Marco. From that time baby poms have been synonymous with Royalty, elegance, and wealth. So it’s only right to assume the trusted Dog of wealthy Kings and Queens. Be the face to usher in the next era of wealth! You’ve heard of ShibaInu’s nickname “the doge killer” , but BabyPom’s the complete opposite. We do not want to eliminate or kill any other dog crypto’s or regular cryptos if anything we will be the doggo saviors!


Tokenomics For Adoption


10% Operations

This buy/sell tax is used to fund operations and the development of Babypom’s infrastructure. Proper funding of BabyPom’s strategies ensures the greatest positive outcome for it’s ongoing projects, the coin holders, and the philanthropic endeavors the BabyPom community supports.


2% Charity

This buy/sell tax funds the public charity wallet used for all philanthropic projects the BabyPom community supports

2% Auto Liquidity

This buy/sell tax funds the liquidity pool to ensure
continued stimulation of BabyPom’s tokenomics.

4% Self Reflections

This buy/sell tax funds the growth of BabyPom at each phase by directly compensating the community for sharing BabyPom with others within the global community of crypto enthusiasts.



Walk in The Park


Phase On Progress

  • Build A Quality Brand
  • Develop X5 Marketing App
  • Establish Culture
  • Launch Baby Pom Social Platforms
  • Launch X5 Marketing App
  • Launch Reward Marketing Campaign
  • Develop Exclusive NFT Series
  • Apply For Listing On CoinGecko
  • Apply For Listing On Coin Market Cap
  • Press Releases
  • 5000 Telegram Members
  • 2500 Baby Pom Holders
  • Develop Influencer Relations For Long Term Marketing
  • White Paper Audit
  • Small Business Owner Grants


Phase Next Plan

  • $1M Market Cap
  • Charity Donations
  • Pom Swap Development
  • Brand Ambassador Program/Team Development
  • Expand Core Team
  • Listing On Coin Gecko
  • Listing On Coin Market Cap
  • Second Series Of Exclusive Nft’s
  • 10,000 Telegram Members
  • 5000 Baby Pom Holders
  • $5M Market Cap
  •  Thanks Giving
  • Apply For Blockfolio Listing
  • Launch Pom Swap
  • Launch Baby Pom Brand Ambassador Team / Merch Store


    Phase Next Plan

    • Apply For Listing On Major Cex
    • NFT In House Platform Development
    • Listing On Blockfolio
    • 50.000 Telegram Members
    • 25.000 Holders
    • Listing On Major Cex’s
    • Tesla Wrapped In Baby Pom Contest / Marketing Campaign
    • Verified Social Medias
    • Develop Partnerships With The Rarest Pomeranians In The World & Turn Them Into A Series Of NFT For Our In House Platform
    • $10M Market Cap
    • Expand Charity Donations
    • Expand Small Business Owner Donations


      Phase Next Plan

      • Raise The Value Of Every Pomeranian In The World
      • Launch Baby Pom Nft In House Platform With The Most Expensive Pomeranians As Nft Art As Well
        As Baby Pomeranian Nft’s

      • $50M Market Cap
      • Launch Erc20 To Bep20 Token Bridge Is In Development
      • 350,000+ Holders
      • $50M Market Cap
      • Elon Recognizes Baby Pom And Tweets About Us
      • 10k Each To 5 Random Baby Pom Holders At 250m Market Cap
      • Lamborghini Give Away At 500m Market Cap
      • 500k Donation To Split Between 20 Small Business Owners At 750m Market Cap
      • $100M Market Cap
      • 4m Donation Split Between 8 Different Charities ( Community Pick ) At 5b Market Cap
      • List On Major Exchanges
      • $300M Market Cap
        How to Buy BabyPom Coin

        How to Buy


        Create a Crypto Wallet

        On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. Android and iOS users can download the Trust Wallet app on your phone.

        Send $BNB to Your BSC Wallet

        Buy $BNB from Binance Exchange and transfer to your BSC wallet address from your wallet.

        Buy on PancakeSwap

        Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, find PancakeSwap V2, click “Select a Currency”, enter the contract address in the search bar, and you should be able to find $BabyPom.

        Pom Hand Left
        Pom Hand Right

        Together, We Can Raise The Moon